WhineCube r8 source code

WhineCube r7
WhineCube r6
WhineCube r5
WhineCube r4
WhineCube r3
WhineCube r2
WhineCube r1

Support files


Utility programs

LCBackup, a prototype memcard backup-over-BBA program. Source code only. Libogc required.

Various GameCube demos

Pong by DesktopMan (optimized version)
Pong! by Johloemoe
project terra by cReDiAr
Gamecube Disc Browser v1.5 by Sappharad
Galaxy Assailant ALPHA by Sappharad
hexdump by now3d
wireee by peter
The Yeti 3D Engine by Derek John Evans, ported by dovoto
Yeti with vsync by Derek John Evans, ported by dovoto
DemoOne by kurni

If you want a demo added to or removed from this list, contact me.

Check the Links page for more demos.

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