{compatibility list}

Updated August 4th, 2005.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you want to add anything to it, please check this thread in the forums.
Contributors: Chrono, perosus and raksmey1309.


TitleFilenameTested withComments
TetrisGC 1.1tetrisAuto.dolr7Requires Realtime mode. Cache hack disables music. No, I don't know why either. That's why it's called a hack :}
CrowTRobo's Audio democtr-snd.dolr7Works fine.
gc-linuxzImage.dolr7Requires advanced mode. NFS kernels boots, portmap times out. NBD kernels crash due to an unresolved bug.
Fireee!fireee.dolr7Requires cache hack.
GCS 1.0actr-gcs.dolr7Shows first screen, but BBA emulation fails.
testdemo4testdemo4.dol (204 KB)r7Use 'High refresh rate'. Music works.
Wireeewireee.dolr7Works fine.
Snowlords 0.1snowlords-ntsc.dolr7Playable.
BBA Debuggerbbadebug.dolr7Works fine.
Crazy Nation's Metroid Prime Trainerczn-mp6.dolr7Graphics and controls work, loading not tested.
Crazy Nation's Waverace Blue Storm Trainerczn-waverace.dolr7See above. Sound may be buggy.
Kinderkramr7Doesn't work.
Pong! by JohloemoePong!.dolr7Playable. Requires cache hack.
Yeti 3Dyeti3d.dolr7Playable.


TitleRegionDisc IDTested withComments
GameCubeWorld (official tech demo)NTSCC3r7Intro is fast, then it gets slow and graphics are buggy.
007: Agent Under FireNTSCGW7Er7Nothing, though debugger says 'UBER: Now parsing and loading movie.elf'. I got tired of waiting after 20 minutes :P
1080 AvalancheNTSCGTEEr7'Unhandled hardware read' error
18 Wheeler: American Pro TruckerPALGWEPr7'GP unemulated matrix index' error
4x4 Evolution 2NTSCGE4Er7Invalid memory address
Action Replay 1.06NTSCGNHEr7Requires Syscall instruction to be disabled
Alien HominidNTSCGAHEr7'GP unemulated XF transfer' error
Animal CrossingNTSCGAFEr7Shows Nintendo logo then 'GP FIFO Writeptr discrepancy!' error
Animaniacs: The Great Edgar HuntPALGANPr7Invalid memory address
Aquaman: Battle For AtlantisNTSCGAQEr7Invalid memory address
Baten KaitosNTSCGKBEr7Shows company logos and then 'invalid memory address' when hitting start afterwards on black screen.
Beach SpikersNTSCGBSEr7Invalid memory address (recompiler), 'Unimplemented opcode encountered: mcrfs' (interpreter)
BeyBlade V-ForceNTSCGBTEr7Shows 'Licensed by Nintendo' then Invalid memory address error
Beyond Good and EvilNTSCGGEEr7Mostly nothing happens, though 'Invalid memory address' appears with plain recompiler
Biohazard 4: Trial EditionJAPP4BJr7Invalid memory address
Bomberman GenerationJAPGBGJr7'Unknown DVD command' error
BomberMan Land 2JAPGB2Jr7'GP unknown opcode' error
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos BleedsNTSCGCQEr7Does nothing
BurnoutNTSCGBOEr7Does nothing...
Bust-A-Move 3000NTSCG3SEr7Fully playable. No sound.
Capcom vs SNK 2: EONTSCGEOEr7Screwed up graphics, gets to high score screen but then does 'ADX: _adxError: E2011101:Illigal timing of STOP.(GCRNA_SetPlaySw)' after hitting start.
Capcom vs SNK 2: EOPALGEOPr7Screwed up graphics, gets to high score screen but then does 'ADX: _adxError: E2011101:Illigal timing of STOP.(GCRNA_SetPlaySw)' after hitting start.
Captain Tsubasa Ougonsedai No ChousenJAPGKTJr7Framecounter seems real enough (~2 fps), but always just a black screen.
City RacerNTSCGRQEr7Shows partial language selection menu and then nothing.
Conflict: Desert Storm IINTSCGC2Er7Gets past title and new game configuration, and then does nothing.
Crazy TaxiNTSCGCTEr7'GP unemulated matrix index' error
Cubic Lode RunnerJAPGQRJr7Invalid memory address (recompiler), 'Locked cache unemulated' (interpreter)
Cubivore: Survival of the FittestNTSCGCVEr7Does nothing...
Cubix ShowdownNTSCGCAEr7'E_FAIL' error and then crashes...
Custom RoboNTSCGXCEr7Shows logos and memcard screens then 'GP unemulated XF transfer!' error
Dance Dance Revolution With MarioJAPGWZJr7Does nothing...
Dark SummitPALGDSPr7'GP Binormals not supported' error
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2NTSCGBXEr7Goes to menu. 'GP Display List ended in the middle of an opcode!' error
Dead to RightsPALGDRPr7Shows "Licensed by Nintendo", but then nothing
Def Jam VendettaPALGDTPr7Invalid memory address
Disney's Hide & SneakNTSCGHVEr7Invalid memory address
Disney's Magical Mirror starring Mickey MouseNTSCGDMEr7Invalid memory address
Disney's Magical ParkJAPGMTJr7'GP Unemulated Line/Pixel state!' error
Disney Sports BasketballPALGDLPr7Does nothing...
Disney Sports FootballNTSCGDWEr7'GP FIFO Hiwater unaligned!' error
Disney Sports SkateboardingPALGDXPr7Does nothing...
Disney Sports SoccerNTSCGDKEr7Does nothing...
Dokapon DXJAPGDNJr7Invalid memory address (recompiler), 'Locked Cache unemulated' (interpreter)
Donkey Kong Jungle BeatPALGYBPr7Does nothing...
Donkey KongaJAPGKGJr7Gets to some sort of selection screen (possibly checking for the drums?). I was able to get some diagram highlighting Start, A, and a drum button, but nothing seemed to affect it after that.
Donkey Konga 2: Hit Song ParadeJAPGY2Jr7Goes to memcard. No controls whatsoever in memcard screen.
Dragon's Lair 3DNTSCGDGEr7Shows license screen, but then at around 100 frames does an 'Invalid memory address'. No error with amode on, but also no further progress.
Dragonball Z BudokaiPALGD7Pr7'VIConfigure(): Tried to change mode from (0) to (1), which is forbidden in "vi.c" on line 1908.'
Eggo ManiaPALGEMPr7'GP Texture Cache error'
Evolution WorldsPALGEWPr7Gets past memcard detection, then sits at pink screen.
Extreme G 3PALG3EPr7Gets to title screen and then 'Unknown DVD command'. Also, there is a lot of nothingness before the title. These are a few different movies trying to play, just keep hitting start (the debug window is nicely detailed).
Future TacticsNTSCGFUEr7Does nothing, though last thing in debug window is "Read pak count: 5458, Read pak directory"
F-Zero GXPALGFZPr7Invalid memory addres (recompiler), 'SDR1 write while MSR[IR] or [DR]' error (interpreter)
Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesNTSCGCCEr7Shows logo then 'DVD Way out of range!' error
Freeloader 1.06bNTSCGNHEr7Requires Syscall instruction to be disabled
Gauntlet: Dark LegacyNTSCGUNEr7Gets to title menu if you keep pressing start to bypass the movies. Invalid memory address after trying to start a game. Tons of debug output, including "DCSERROR: AdsPutBuffer overrun! 8 bytes UNSENT"
Go! Go! HypergrindNTSCGHGEr7Gets past memcard menu, but then: Invalid memory address (recompiler), 'Locked cache unemulated' (interpreter)
Goblin CommanderNTSCGGCEr7Gets past "Loading..." stuff, but then on the first logo screen the framerate counter goes berserk, showing 100 or so FPS (23 in interpreter) for a fade-in that looks like 3-5 FPS. Weird.
Gotcha ForceNTSCGG4Er7Invalid memory address
GrooveRider Slot Car ThunderNTSCGVREr7Does nothing...
GTCUBEJAPGTCJr7'Unknown DVD command' error
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful LifeNTSCGYWEr7GP Texture cache error
Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful LifeNTSCG4GEr7GP Texture Cache error
Harvest Moon: Poem of HappinessNTSCG4AJr7GP XF Perf0 unemulated
HomelandNTSCGHEJr7Boots, show some screens, then freezes.
Hunter: The ReckoningNTSCGHNEr7Shows "Licensed by Nintendo", and then shortly after 'undefined opcode' (around the 1 billion cycle mark).
I-NinjaNTSCGNJEr7'Invalid memory address' with interpreter and recompiler, frame counter but just black with amode
IkarugaNTSCGIKEr7Invalid memory address (recompiler), 'Locked Cache unemulated' (interpreter)
IkarugaPALGIKPr7Invalid memory address
Intellivision Lives!NTSCGIVEr7Invalid memory address! Interpreter+Amode: Locked cache unemulated!
International Superstar Soccer 3PALGJ3Pr7Gets to title screen, but says 'undefined opcode' after pressing start.
Kinnikuman Nisei (aka Ultimate Muscle) New Generation vs LegendsJAPGKNJr7'GP unemulated XF transfer' error
Kirby's Air RideNTSCGKYEr7'Unhandled hardware read' error
Legends of Wrestling 2NTSCGL2Er7Shows 4 frames of copyright screen, and then just sits there (until at least 20 billion cycles)
Luigi's MansionPALGLMPr7'GP unemulated XF transfer' error
MadagascarNTSCGGZEr7Internal Error: VISI order discrepancy
Mario Kart Double DashPALGM4Pr7Does nothing...
Mario Party 4NTSCGMPEr7'GP XF Perf0 unemulated!' error
Mario Party 5PALGP5Pr7Undefined opcode at 0x00000000
Mario Party 6PALGP6Pr7Undefined opcode at 0x00000000
Mario Power TennisNTSCGOMEr7'GP unemulated XF error value' error
Medabots InfinityNTSCGM6Er7'GP unemulated XF transfer' error
Megaman Network TransmissionNTSCGREEr7'GP unemulated dual texture transform!' error
Megaman X Command MissionNTSCGXREr7Invalid memory address
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin SnakesNTSCGGSEr7Invalid memory address (recompiler, interpreter)
Konami logo then 'Internal DynaRec error no.6' (recompiler + amode)
'Warning: DVDOpen(): file '' was not found under /.' (interpreter + amode)
Metroid Prime 2: EchoesNTSCG2MEr7'GP FIFO change while in GP in command' error
Micro MachinesPALGMOPr7'GP TEV uses a nonexistent color'
Midway Arcade TreasuresNTSCGAKEr7Shows Midway copyright screen and the title, but freezes on the title when you hit start. Need to hit start on the black screen to get to the title.
Midway Arcade Treasures 2NTSCGAYEr7'Invalid memory address' with interpreter and recompiler, shows copyright screen and hangs with amode on. Also with amode on, debugger says '****** Button remapping not in effect (prob. due to missing/invalid cross-launch block) ********* presstart.ia'
Mission Impossible: Operation SurmaNTSCGMIEr7'GP unemulated dual texture transform' error
Mobile Suits Gundam: Pilots LocusJAPGGAJr7'GP Unemulated Line/Pixel state!' error
Monsters Inc: Scream ArenaNTSCGMNEr7Gets to main menu (memory card checks were slow, took about 3 minutes to pass them) and lets you select character, etc. Trying to actually start the game gives 'GP Normal Reserved size'
Mystic HeroesNTSCGBHEr7'GP unemulated Line/Pixel State' error
Naruto Gekitou Ninja TaisenJAPGNRJr7Boots but nothing happens
Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2JAPGNUJr7Shows 1 memcard frame, then nothing
Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3JAPG3NJr7Shows 1 memcard frame, then nothing
NBA StreetNTSCGNSEr7'GP unemulated matrix index' error
NCAA Football 2004NTSCGNXEr7'Invalid memory address'
NCAA Football 2005NTSCGCUEr7'Invalid memory address'
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2NTSCGH2Er7'GP unemulated matrix index' error
Need For Speed: UndergroundNTSCGNDEr7Shows 1 frame, then 'Invalid Memory Address'
NFL Blitz 2003NTSCGO3Er7'GP XF Perf0 unemulated' error
NFL Blitz ProNTSCGFVEr7Invalid memory address (recompiler, interpreter), 'GP XP Perf0 unemulated' (either + amode)
NFL StreetNTSCGNNEr7Invalid memory address
NHL 2003NTSCGH3Er7Does nothing...
Nintendo Puzzle CollectionJAPGPZJr7Goes up to menu
P.N.03PALGPNPr7Does nothing...
Pac-Man FeverNTSCGPMEr7'Unknown DVD command' error
Pac-Man Vs.NTSCPRJEr7'GP unemulated XF transfer!' error
Paper Mario 2JAPG8MJr7'GP XF Perf0 unemulated' error
Paper Mario 2NTSCG8MEr7'GP XF Perf0 unemulated' error
PC GenjinJAPGP4Jr7Does nothing...
Phantasy Star Online Episode I&IIPALGPOPr7Invalid memory address
PikminNTSCGPIEr7Invalid memory address
Pikmin 2NTSCGPVEr7Does nothing...
Pitfall: The Lost ExpeditionPALGPHPr7Invalid memory address (also detects infinite loop)
Pokemon Box: Ruby & SapphireNTSCGPXEr7Shows "Pokemon Company" logo then 'GP Unemulated BP GenMode!' error
Pokemon Box: Ruby & SapphirePALGPXPr7VIConfigure(): Tried to change mode from (0) to (1), which is forbidden in "vi.c" on line 1908.'
Pokemon ColloseumJAPGC6Jr7'Invalid memory address' (recompiler), 'Unhandled hardware write' (interpreter)
Pokemon ColloseumNTSCGC6Er7Invalid memory address
Puyo Pop FeverPALGPUPr7Does nothing...
Redcard 2003NTSCGR3Er7Does nothing...
Reign of FireNTSCGR9Er7Does nothing...
Resident Evil 1: RebirthNTSCGBIEr7Shows screwed up disclaimer screen, then 'Invalid memory address'
Resident Evil 2NTSCGHAEr7Goes to menu if you press start at Nintendo logo. Does nothing when trying to go ingame
Resident Evil 3: NemesisNTSCGLEEr7Shows intro logos but then nothing before the menu
Resident Evil 4 disc 1NTSCG4BEr7Shows "Licensed by Nintendo", then 'GP Unemulated BP GenMode!' error
Resident Evil 4: Trial EditionNTSCP4BJr7Goes to menu if Start is pressed rapidly
Resident Evil: Code Veronica XNTSCGCDEr7'E_FAIL' after trying to start a new game. Also 'Warning: DVDOpen(): file 'rm_0000.rdx' was not found under /.'
Rocket Power: Beach BanditsNTSCGBQEr7Boots... black screen
Samurai JackNTSCGJCEr7'GP TEV uses a nonexistant color' error
ScalerNTSCGKUEr7'GP unemulated matrix index' error
Sega Soccer SlamPALGSSPr7'__ARChecksize(): Internal ARAM not present! in "ar.c" on line 946.'
Serious Sam: Next EncounterNTSCG3BEr7Invalid memory address
Shikigami No Shiro 2JAPG2SJr7Almost ingame! Crashes with 'Invalid memory address' when you hit start to begin the round.
Skies of Arcadia LegendsNTSCGEAEr7'GP XF Perf0 unemulated' error
Skies of Arcadia LegendsPALGEAPr7'GP XF Perf0 unemulated' error
Smashing DriveNTSCGSDEr7Does nothing...
Smuggler's Run: WarzonesPALGSRPr7Does nothing...
Sonic Adventure 2 BattleNTSCGSNEr7'Invalid memory address' with recompiler. Interpreter shows 3 logos (*very* slow, about 0.5 fps for 450 frames), and then also does 'Invalid memory address'
Sonic Adventure 2 BattlePALGSNPr7'Invalid memory address' with recompiler. Interpreter shows 3 logos (*very* slow, about 0.5 fps for 450 frames), and then also does 'Invalid memory address'
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's CutNTSCGXSEr7Recompiler gives 'Invalid memory address', though interpreter shows 3 logos and 'Invalid memory address' just like the other Sonic games.
Sonic Mega CollectionNTSCGSOEr7'GP unemulated matrix index' error
Soul Calibur 2PALGRSPr7Almost ingame! GP unemulated XF transfer before beginning of fight
Spy HunterPALGSHPr7'GP XF Perf0 unemulated' error
Space RaidersJAPGIJEr7Does nothing...
Spider-Man 2NTSCGK2Er7'SDR1 write while MSR[IR] or [DR]' error
Spirits and SpellsNTSCG2PEr7'Invalid memory address' error
SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the flying DutchmanPALGSQPr7Does nothing...
Star SoldierJAPGJSJr7Shows all memcard screens. 'Invalid memory address' when trying to go to menu
StarFox AdventuresNTSCGSAEr7'GP unemulated Vertex Matrix Index' error
StarFox AssaultNTSCGF7Er7Gets past logos and initial loading screen, but then 'GP unemulated XF transfer'
Starsky & HutchPALGT5Pr7'VIConfigure(): Tried to change mode from (0) to (1), which is forbidden in "vi.c" on line 1908.'
Star Wars: The Clone WarsNTSCGSXEr7'GP FIFO change while GP in command' error
Summoner 2: A Goddess RebortNTSCGS2Er7'GP XP Perf0 unemulated' error
Super Mario Stadium Miracle BaseballJAPGYQJr7Boots with insane FPS but black screen
Super Mario SunshinePALGMSPr7Does nothing...
Super Monkey BallNTSCGMBEr7Invalid memory address
Super Puzzle Bobble All-StarsJAPG3SJr7Fully playable! No sound.
Super Smash Bros. MeleeNTSCGALEr7'An error has occured, read booklet' screen is shown.
Super Smash Bros. MeleePALGALPr7'An error has occured, read booklet' screen is shown.
Swingerz GolfNTSCGWGEr7Does nothing, though debugger shows "(read from SRR0) attempted to access invalid address 0x48" with Advance Mode
Tales of Symphonia disc 1NTSCGQSEr7Freezes after memcard screen unless one presses Start quickly to skip the intro movie. Shows menus, graphics are distorted. Freezes after a few frames of the "New Game" movie, which is unskippable.
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesNTSCGTFEr7Invalid memory address
Tetris WorldsNTSCGTREr7Playable! Some sections seem to take forever (especially the first screen), and one must press Start direct after the memcard screen to avoid a hang, but in-game up to 15 fps is possible in Exact Fast mode. There are some graphics errors like no character models and the particles after getting a line stay on the screen, obstructing your view.
The Legend of Zelda: Collector's EditionNTSCPZLEr7Does nothing...
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures +JAPG4SJr7Does nothing...
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords AdventuresNTSCG4SEr7Does nothing...
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerNTSCGZLEr7Does nothing...
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingPALGKLPr7'Internal DynaRec error no.6' (recompiler), 'Invalid memory address' (interpreter), nothing with interpreter + amode
The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersNTSCGLOEr7Does nothing...
The Simpsons Hit & RunNTSCGHQEr7'Invalid memory address' (recompiler, interpreter), shows copyright screen and then nothing with Advance Mode
The Simpsons Hit & RunPALGHQPr7'Invalid memory address' (recompiler, interpreter), 'VIConfigure(): Tried to change mode from (0) to (1), which is forbidden in "vi.c" on line 1884.' (either + amode)
The Simpsons Road RageNTSCGSPEr7Shows copyright and company logo, but then nothing on a black screen
The SimsNTSCGCIEr7'GP unemulated XF transfer' error
The Sims: Bustin OutNTSCG4MEr7Invalid memory address (recompiler, interpreter), 'GP unemulated XF transfer' (either + amode)
The Urbz: Sims in the CityNTSCGUBEr7Invalid memory address
TimeSplitters 2PALGTSPr7Shows "Licensed by Nintendo", but then 'Invalid memory address'
Tom and Jerry in War of the WhiskersNTSCGTJEr7Gets past memcard menu and copyright screen, but then just a white screen and some "Could not find geometry tj_1" (and tj_2, tj_3).
Tom Clancy's Ghost ReconNTSCGGREr7'Unknown DVD command' after "Licensed by Nintendo" screen
Tom Clancy's Ghost ReconPALGGRPr7VIConfigure(): Tried to change mode from (0) to (1), which is forbidden in "vi.c" on line 1884.
Tony Hawk's UndergroundPALGTDPr7'Internal Dynarec error no.6' (recompiler), nothing in interpreter
True Crimes: Streets of L.A.NTSCGTLEr7Invalid memory address
Tube SliderNTSCGTUEr7'GP unemulated XF Transfer' error
Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs New GenerationNTSCGKNEr7'GP unemulated XF transfer' error
Universal Studios Theme Park AdventureNTSCGUSEr7'GP unemulated Line/Pixel State' error
Viewtiful JoePALGVJPr7Invalid memory address
Viewtiful Joe 2NTSCG2VEr7Show up to main menu. 'Invalid memory address' error when trying to go ingame
Wallace and Grommit in Project ZooNTSCGWLEr7Invalid memory address, 'Internal DynaRec error no.6' (recompiler + amode)
WarioWare Inc. Mega Party GamesNTSCGZWEr7Nintendo logo and memcard screen then 'Invalid memory address' error
Wario WorldNTSCGWWEr7Shows intro logos then 'GP unemulated XF transfer' error
Whirl TourPALGWUPr7'GP unemulated XF transfer' error
Worms 3DPALGWMPr7'GP XF Perf0 unemulated' error
Worms BlastPALGWBEr7'Unimplemented opcode: stfsux' error. Also a whole slew of output to the debug window, mostly about "misaligned DVD read"
WWE: Day of ReckoningNTSCGWPEr7Invalid memory address after memory card check and copyright screen.
WWE: Wrestlemania X8PALGW3Pr7Shows memcard screens then 'Locked cache unemulated!' error
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound KingdomNTSCGYFPr7'GP unemulated Line/Pixel State' error
Zoids: Battle LegendsNTSCGZSEr7ShowS "Licensed by Nintendo", then 'Invalid memory address' error
Zoids VS 2JAPGZSJr7'GP unemulated XF transfer' error
ZooCubePALGZCPr7Shows loading and copyright screens followed by 'Invalid memory address' in recompiler mode, 'Locked cache unemulated' with interpreter

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